cheer jess-a glimpse into her mind..
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2001-06-19 15:33:23 (UTC)

Tuesday Morning, 6/19/01

yes, Jenny is serenading me with Blink, what a
surprise.."don't pull me down..this is where I belong, I
think I'm different, this is where I'm belong". Would
anyone else like to comment on my sister listening to these
lyrics nearly 24/7?? There are a few Blink songs I don't
really mind, ie What's my age again, Adam's Song, Aliens
Exist and the new Rock Show..but does she play those?
Nooooo. Course not. counting the minutes till she leaves
for her math regents, what fun.
Also, got up waaaaay too early this morning, though I
wasn't very tired-for one of the Tiffany is going to wake
me up whether I like it or not, either have me meet or her
or show up at my house at 9am, and then we continue onto to
a morning of breakfast at Poppy's-that's a first-not bad,
cheap,different, she got her grilled cheese, she's happy.
lol Screamed, er, ok spoke Amanda's name outside the Marsh
household, no answer. But that's ok, it was 9:30am.
Hopefully, Alyse is passing her regents right now, whatever
it may be, I DID give her my book, and I'd take it for her
if I could lol, I'm precious, I know..o yay..Jenny's
playing What's my age again(sarcastic yay).

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