Sporty Tomboy

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2002-06-14 16:46:39 (UTC)


My name is libby and I have a pink fuzzy rabbit. :P I think
things are funny in life because ashley is telling me
things that are awesome... and yeah i think its good to
laugh at those things, because i can. even though i feel
bad at the same time. YES INDEED. well moving on, im all
happy today because i am. ummm i really have no clue what
to write in here cuz nothing really happened. wait one more
full skool day then finals, then a whole bunch of nothing
and i get to be lazy and do what i love to do best :) YAY!
totally. well lemme say that i know i can act all ditzy at
times cuz people told me that and i write like it i noticed
unless its for skool. but i dont care cuz its fun to write
about nothing then have you all read it *evil laugh*

insights of life: (lemme try to think of something
inspirational!)... ybbil is going blank now.

So i have to say the people in this school rock the world,
and you need to stay cool. (well, that includes about 5
people total)... everyone else needs to go get laid :P


***Libbalicious Licky Libby is goneeeeeeeeeeeeeee