Why I'm here?
2002-06-14 15:22:50 (UTC)


As i breath,
my chest tightens in a knot
today is my day
the day is to show the people who beset me
so i can live peacefully
today is my day
I walk on the stage
with my heart gently thumping against my chest
I count each step
with my voilin on my side, swinging with each
I reach my chair
I give a nodded a start
my fingers know where each note is
and when to stop
everything is going perfectly
the way i planned
Bow going back and forth vigorously
my foot tap each beat
as my fingers move to each note
If the audience is making any noise
it can't be heard
the music engulfed me
closing me from the outside world.
Then it happens
everything goes off.