Wanna Hear About my Day?
2002-06-14 14:07:50 (UTC)


We wento lunch at a place called jads that had crazy
looking people in it .My grandmother talked about her child
hood and wh nshe met my grandfather and stuff.I like old
peopel bacuase they have so much knowledge in them.After
that i cane home and was just being lazy.The dream i had
last night i was a party and it was in a huge basement.There
was a band playing metal and there was a pool inside and
rooms that shuold be saunas but were beds.My mom
,stepdad.3brothers,and my brothers step sister were ther e
so were a bunch of other peopel.In the pool my mom and step
father were fucking so i got out of the pool and went up to
the stage.I was going ot head bang but it felt weird cuz
the ligghts were on.SO i told one of the badn members and he
felt the same way so we turned the lights out and he started
making out with me in one of those souan bed room thingies.
Then he went back on stage and i started headbanging.Other
stuff happened butu that all i rember.TOday i have to og
work on chores