No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
2002-06-14 13:38:02 (UTC)


last night i was hungry but refused to cook something (my
moms a bitch) so dre and bobby came over and we went to
Dunkin Donuts. we came back here around 12 and sat on the
hammock till almost 2. :-). idk...:-)
i hafta go to MOSI today. britnee, hailey, jessie, mike, me
& jay...'3 brats and a chicken' (as bob put it) lmao. not
nice. i hate driving:-(.
just broke a nail. it hurt really bad...i bent it back and
the corner broke off:-(.
well i gotta do some laundry so buhbyes.
scooby doo comes out today!:-)