Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
2002-06-14 13:26:31 (UTC)

Another wonderful day

Sittin here, kinda bored, josh is next to me eatin. Well I
havent updated this in awhile. Ummm last weekend, josh and
I went to the country had a pretty good time, but when we
woke up and went outside to chain the dogs up we found
Blackie in the street dead, josh through him in the ditch
to get him outta the road, i cried, my mom wont get over it
for awhile. Wait that was dumb. Then Tuesday
me, my mom, denise and susan went to Kings Island and had a
blast, we road all the rollar coasters and such except for
The Beast and Tomb Raider, which Ill have to ride next
time, there was hardly any lines, the longest we had to
wait was 15 minutes and that was for Face Off, josh didnt
get to go which made me really sad, but my mom's going to
get a seasons pass for him in less then 2 weeks, so its all
good. Im supposed to go to kings island with just me and my
mom for my mom's bday the 19th, Im trying to figure out
what else i can do for her, its going to be hard,
especially cuz I HAVE NO MONEY....just have to be creative.
Ive been having this montrous pain in my shoulder and it
sucks balls, Im prolly gonna go to the doctor sometime this
week, it got so bad last night i started crying, and I
never cry over pain, I felt like a bitch. Well thats all
for now, my life's pretty boring. OUt

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