Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2002-06-14 12:39:39 (UTC)

The Shattered Wind...

Here I stand, Waiting for the walls to crumble
The wailing in the darkness, the curses
Spining lightly in my grave made of flesh

Gorging on the tendrills of her lovingness
passing through the tunnels of raging fury
falling into the abyssal realm of desperation

Blood cursed and pain wracked bones
lashing hatred of verbal confrontation
turning the down the ruin of existance

No thoughts of mine own, the waking nightmare
perfunctory glances to the tinted mirrors
my souless wandering, my haze filled thoughts

Vectoring towards the ruin of a deadly lust
I sit and wait upon the stone of confusion
yet yearning for the winds of change to pass

pass, passing to and fro, me to you, you to him
him to the she of lost lust and ghostly love
none of us healing the long festering wounds

pulsing, throbing, animalistic, agonizing pain
the beast within stalking the night without
hungering for the taste of your sweet dreams

the canonballing of torid emotion, turn back,
turn back the cascade of nightmarish desires
pleasured by the turmoil of unfettered lust

slowly, softly, whispered love, stifled and whole
our galant souls such that none may long behold
the splinters of longingness, lost to the wind

the shattered remains of dreams, of desire, lost
the shattered corpse of lust, twisted and gone
the shattered wind, carring all of our hopes

Copyright ©2002 T. F. Coles