Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2002-06-14 12:24:48 (UTC)


or the lost art of trying to get some...

I must be the biggest fucking nutcase I know...

I was hanging out with a friend yesterday, I've
known her for a few years. She has this thing, We
have this thing. We both enjoy speaking, talking
living sex. We've tried it a few times, lots of stuff.
Never made love, never fucked, screwed, oral

She's always had this thing, where she keeps saying,
I've never made her cum. I've made every grrl I've
ever gone down on cum. She keeps confusing me
with almost every other guy she's ever been with.
She usually gets embarrest when I remind her of that.

So yesterday afternoon, she's naked, lying on the
bed... and there I am, trying to let loose some of
the massive amount of frustration out...

Trying is of course the key word here....

Foreplay... One would think that it would work...

It didn't, it couldn't, it shouldn't have anyway.

So why did I do it? or rather, why did I start and
not finish, besides the fact she really hadn't been
in the mood... Besides the fact, she took off her
clothes, besides the fact that I really needed it?


It felt, I wouldn't say wrong.. I wouldn't say bad.

Forced? Empty? Boring? I've a cacophony of words
milling around in my little brain... Not that little brain..

Nevermind the fact that I have....

Mm, what do I have...


So whats the point?

I don't know...

Seems as though yesterday was a day for friends...

My what a pair we make...

The Cynic and the Pessimist...

You know, the more I find out about her,
the more I am convinced, just a little every day.

Convinced. She is going to be the love of my life.

Heh, wouldn't that just be the way of it, hmm?


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