Fish Out of Water
2002-06-14 12:23:24 (UTC)

My boyfriend... is he gay?

So, it turns out that it took me a heck of a lot longer to
write the next entry than one would have thought. Jason,
the boyfriend in question, actually dumped me not long after
the last entry. He is most definitely GAY! And even if he's
not, he should be because he doesn't know anything about
women except how to shop like one. So, in other news, I
actually did get a job. It's in a gov't agency and its OK if
you like to be a bureaucrat who has basically no power but
all the responsibility to get things right or else. I have
a schizophrenic boss who I am convinced talks to so many
voices taht he forgets which ones are real and which
conversations he is supposed to remember. Try this on for
size: Boss: Do it this way. Me: Go off and do it that way.
Boss: Why the heck did you do it that way. It's so supposed
to be this way. Me: You told me to do it that way. What the
f**k? Yeah, so that's basically how my life has been for
the past 10 months. But, the good news is that I am getting
out of this dead-end job. I am going to law school to pursue
MONEY! Gobs and gobs of it if I am lucky. Hopefully all will
work out well and I'll be cruising around in my Benz in no
time. Stay tuned!

Next entry: Why my mother and condos do not mix!