Queer Focus
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2002-06-14 11:41:47 (UTC)

NOT A Happily-Ever-After Story

HELLO EVERYBODY!!! Long time no see, I know, I know!
And the sad thing is tat I do not have an excuse, just
plain lazy. Just never get online anymore so therefore, I
cannot come to this lovely diary to type...RIGHT!?!

Much has changed since I last wrote in here, some
months back. Lex and Chance are no longer together. Well
they are, but they are not. We all still live together,
plus Jordan has moved in too. That makes 4 right?
Wrong!! Chance's mother is getting divorce number four
from her much much much younger husband (she is almost 50,
her husband just turned 23...a year younger than I), and
she decided to make a clean break by moving down here with
us. Well, along with her she brought her 2 year old
daughter and her boyfriend, Remington. I had no problems
with them staying for 1 to 4 weeks (max) til they could get
a place of their own. Fastforward to the present which is
FOUR MONTHS LATER and they are still here. It is quite
cramped for 7 people and a cat in a two bedroom apartment.
They have caused so much trouble since that have been here
to. Chance's mother, Anastacia, got kicked out of the
rental office for cusing out the rental manager, she is
constantly getting us written up for garbage violations and
she insists on parking her car in the grass in front of our
door. Doesn't sound like a problem, but we live in the
back of a grassy knoll so she has to drive around
electrical boxes and fence posts...it's ridiculous.

Well, I gotta go, before she wakes up and boots me off
this computer because she does not know how to ASK like a
normal person. And then she has the nerve to get made
because someone is on the computer tying up the line...um,
excuse me, but when did SHE start paying phone bills. Well
anyway, bye for now and be good or good at it.