Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-06-14 09:20:35 (UTC)

Whoah! Long Fast And Hard Week

Not like me I know.... but I've been doing so many more
things than just watching the World Cup. I've been out,
doing whatever I do I do when you put me in a room full of
people whose company I enjoy, and a bottle of port.

I've been looking at screens of all different shapes and
sizes with all different things displayed thereupon.

Moulin Rouge - Too bold and brash for me - a great film,
but I wasn't overly keen.

The Virgin Suicides - Wonderful. Great cinematography, well
scripted, well acted, and left enough to ponder at the end.
No way Kirsten Dunst was 14, though.

Erm...that's probably about it actually. I've had to ferry
a lot of stuff to and from my mother, and get ready to
leave Norwich on Sunday.

I've played a lot of Champ and slept a lot as well.