Meaningless Ramblings of Dark_Child
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2002-06-14 09:15:50 (UTC)

Wow......it's been far too long since i've written in here!

Current Music: 'Watershed' by Coal Chamber

SOOOOOOOOOO much has happened this week. I don't think I
have the energy to type it all out!

Oh well......I'll try my best!

Over the past year, our school teachers have been striking
because they want more pay. Over the last week, the
students have decided to stike as well. I joined in, and
the teachers didn't like it. To cut a long story short I
might be getting expelled or suspended!

I don't go to school on Monday because of a strike, so and
since I went into town to strike rather than going to
class, I'm pretty much getting a four day weekend!

My Mum's home now, so I'd better go, but I'm going to make
some fucking time to write in here soon so that I can fill
you all in on what has happened over the last few days!

Bye Bye