Jena's Rants
2001-06-19 12:29:06 (UTC)

Manic Monday moves on to Tourettes Tuesday..........................

I usually find that the stress I am force fed on Moanday, i
mean Monday leads to ranting and raving and the extreme use
of just about every curse word in the book on Tuesday. Not
today though.........why you ask. Oh, I suppose that you
know me well enough by now that I can devulge a lil
secret. Now, this is going against the Laws of Jena, but I
have been breaking a lot of them lately, so oh what the hey!
Now come closer because I want to whisper it, no -
closer.....closer still, okay (i am in love). Giggle
giggle giggle. Okay, now promise not to tell. Okay,
good! Whew, I feel soooo much better now. Sure I may have
been feeling it for a while, but to tell you people
(actually those of you who read this-i am not actually sure
if you qualify as members of the human species) is like
totally what i would not normally do. I am just elated, so
i dunno thought i would share. They should have a version
of the popular (for many reasons) NA meetings and AA
meeting for people in my situation. "Hello my name is
Jena, and I am in love." It's not necessarily a bad thing,
but it does involve a certain amount of open-mindedness. I
mean this is what I have been trying to avoid (love), and
it comes up and bites me right on the...well, it's actually
none of your business where he bites me, but you get the
point. Don't cry, it's okay - I promise I won't lose my
edge. I will still put down and oppress stupid people and
christianity. Oh, there there......... It's not the end.
I promise. I mean am I not the one who has cared for you
and taught you all of the important things in life ever
since your mom traded you for a crack rock. YES! Okay, so
don't worry...... Besides I have no use for trading you all
in for crack rocks, I live in Baltimore - remember? Crack
Capital of the World.