lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-06-14 06:22:21 (UTC)

note to self...

don't be gay. don't get pissed off because other people
are doing gay things. just let them make their gay
mistakes. let them live their freaking gay lives and get
their idioticness out of their systems and maybe things
will be ok. don't care if they step on you in the
process. let it go.

don't trust boys. don't believe a boy who says he'll call
you. don't believe a boy who says he'll write you back.
don't believe a boy who tells you you're "awesome". don't
buy it for a second. don't let yourself get hurt because
your friends are pretty and you're the sisterly type.
don't be cupid and don't specialize in "hookups".

don't read anything into anything. don't assume that
because someone asks you to hang out they actually want you
to. don't think that "hi, how are you?" expects an
answer. don't trust people for what they say to your face.

i'm not bitter. just thoughtful. and it's not about you. bye.