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2002-06-14 05:51:49 (UTC)

hey little sister...

::current mood- *shrugs* introspective (if that's a word)::
::listening to- my lil sis gabber on and on about her life::

my sister's talkn to me alot...she growing up
fast....faster than i like...dunno...over protective. it's
after midnight, do u know where ur grandma is?? in a weird mood now.
hilly's talkin about betrayal in her group of friends. ah,
the drama of middle school.

i feel ambient..
i feel tired and what not.

sister is bringing back memories. good old days i suppose.
i don;t know

cousin is obsessed with n*sync

parents are asshole...nothing new.

getting in touch with sis...i had to go through hard times
with no one to look up to. i learned about everything the
hard way. no guidance...i raised myself.

maybe if i'm cool to her, she wont grow up to be as fucked
up, disturbed, troubled as i have. i hope so.

world only can handle one of me.

i'm not making sence



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