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2002-06-14 04:22:25 (UTC)

Translation of a Moment...

Somewhere tonight, the world will be destroyed
A night like any other
Is not my night when secure paranoia
Remains dorment
Worries of the past have passed
I breathe now without the pain I love
So beautiful is a change
That allows me to rest

I don't fear the loss of you
While engulfed in a world with all that I've come to
believe you are
The moment is here, enforced with these words

Tomorrow someehre, the world will be destroyed
This moment will have passed
Future angst is on its way
I haven't met them yet
Always expecting the eventual loss of all that you are
I rest now
Knowing, that time is not now
A clear mind awaits the end of this moment
The present, the change that brought this
Brings the end, the beginning
The moment

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