Reality Bites
2002-06-14 04:19:26 (UTC)


Hey! Today was my last day of school! Im so gald I'm done!!
Tomarrow I have my last driving lesson, and then in 7 days
I get my licence!! Today after school I went home with my
friend Kassie and when I got home, Mia, Kaylie, and Cara
were all hanging out at my house. We literally all watched
movies and didn't move for 4 We did talk on the
phone tho. Mike called me, the hot senior who just
graduated. He's SOO cute!!! He wanted to come over and
bring some 'people' (which means boys that know we're
chillin at my house by ourselves). We said ok and they did
come by, Cara and this guy Jeff hooked up and so did Kaylie
and Carson. Mike was trying to get me to, but I didn't. I
just sat with him and watched a movie. I didn't want to
cause yeah, he was hot and everything but I like Luke and
plus I had a headache. If Luke heard he'd be not too
stoked...Not mad, but I doubt he'd love me for it, he'd
probably just not want to have a lot to do with me ya know?
Then when they left, I went and took a bath for like 2
hours and then now I'm watching Will and Grace, so I'm
gonna go. Lator!~xoxo~