Purple Coffee, Blue Monkies
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2001-06-19 08:29:57 (UTC)

My Family

Ok, personally, I think that my family is one of the most
fucked up family's out there. I'm for real. We're all just a
big mumbo jumbo of shit. Lemme tell you 'bout us.

-My real dad

This is not one of the guys that you wanna fuck with. Take
it from me. I've learned the hard way. I mean, sure, the
first time you meet him he seems cool right? WRONG. Wait til
you live with him for 14 years...your opinions will change.
My dad is possibly the biggest jerk in this whole entire
earth. You don't know anything. No offense..but at this
moment of my life i'm not really up for explaining my whole
lifes history with my dad to you. Let's just put it like
this: He isn't exactly Mike Brady.

-My mom

My mom is a bitch. Simple as that. She's constantly yelling at me for no god damn reason. She lays awake in bed trying to figure out
ways to hurt me. I love her but I don't. Some of my friend's moms are closer to me than my real mom. That's not very right. Maybe it is
though. I guess it's natural. Sometimes she just pisses me off so bad.

1) She's racist. I can't stand racist people. They have no reason to be like that. If they don't like different looking people than they
shouldn't think about them. But they don't have to hate them.

2) She has this thing where I can't see guys. I think she's just being a protective parent but sometimes she's way over protective. She
totally freaks if a guy calls. She never used to be this way before we moved down here. I don't wanna say that Chris has affected her
but maybe he has. I'm not quite sure. She just isn't really herself anymore.

3) She insists on picking up my room. I put one article of clothing on the floor and she zips in and puts it in a place that only she and
god know exist. I guess it's in her nature as a mom to do that but jesus christ, sometimes it's just too much.

-My middle brother, Danny

My brother Danny is probably the closet person to me in my life. It doesn't even matter that he's 26. He just came back into my life
like 2 years ago and i'm so thankful that he did. We went through some of our hardest family times together. My mom doesn't give
him enough credit. Without him the move wouldn't of been possible. Without him we probably still wouldn't be a family. When my
mom would piss me off, he would calm me down and make sure that I didn't hurt anybody. When my mom threatened to kick him out,
or she pissed him off, I was there for him. It really hurts me right now because I can't be with him when he needs me most. Him and
his chick aren't going through the best of times and i'm not there. It's a pain in the ass but at least he always knows that i'm going to
be there for him, even if I can't.

-My oldest brother, Kevin

I haven't always been real close to Kev. He's almost 30...we aren't exactly on the same wave lengths, if you know what I mean. He's
still all into the hippy movement. That doesn't bother me. What bothers me is that i've never seen him with a chick. Personally, I think
he's gay. Not that I have anything wrong with gay people...I think that they're totally awesome. The best people to hang out with and
go shopping with and stuff. But I mean, wouldn't you be curious too?

My youngest brother, Chad

I miss Chad more than I have ever missed anything in my life. Everyday I regret not being able to spend more time with him.
Everything happens for a reason though I guess. You see, Chad died when he was just 14 from Leukemia. I was only 4 at the time,
but I still understood what was happening. The last words that he ever spoke were "Is Amanda ok?" I love him a lot. Him having had
cancer only makes me want to help other people who have been infected out. It makes me proud to know that he fought it til the end
and never gave up. He was one of the strongest people I knew. Rest in peace, baby.

My step sister, Kelly

Kelly's a crazy ass chick but I love her. Sometimes I can't really understand her. Then again, you're not supposed to always
understand your siblings. She gives the best damn back massages though. And she's been there for me through some pretty hard
times. If I had a choice to be stuck with a 16 year old blonde chick that I hardly even knew, I would pick her. She's a good person to
go to concerts with. I don't really wanna be to descriptive though...too tired. She understands a lot of things that i'm going through, and
I her. She's not fake, I like that. It just pisses me off sometimes that she considers herself the reject of the one should feel
like that. She seems to enjoy it though, so to each his (or her) own. I HATE YOU KELLY (just forced me to type that.)

My step dad, Chris

Chris is a nut case. He's so goofy. Sometimes he's just too much though. He's just real protective. The other day he picked up the
fone, it was Brent, and he turned to my mom and was like it's a guy for Amanda. So then he hands it to her and she's like hello? It's
crazy. He's funny though, I can give him that. You should see this dood dance. It's nuts. I appreciate what he does for me though, he's
more of a dad to me than my real dad. Oh yea, thanks Kel, he's a real big pervert too. Yea, you know he stares at the boobies.

That's a little summary of my family life. Enjoi