Meshed Up
2002-06-14 03:40:52 (UTC)


a man i truly respect and admire once told me that he could
see auras but he tends to ignore them. i asked why and he
said, 'people see the worst weirdo in me. great minds are
often misunderstood. let us celebrate.'

he said he could see mine. i asked him what color it is and
this is what he said: 'gray.'

he told me this some time ago. i never got around to doing
research...until now. i had a hard time looking for gray
auras (since most of them are either blue pink red green
etc) but i finally found something.

GRAY: 'dirty color aura'
GRAY: depressed
GRAY: dark thoughts
GRAY: depressing thoughts
GRAY: unclear intentions
GRAY: presence of a dark side personality

so that's me...the real me...

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