It smells like poop over here
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2002-06-14 03:12:47 (UTC)

on a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair

not the eagles, the ska version by none other than the
skadaddyz. it's so great, especially the horn parts.
i went to souths graduation today. i got there like 5
minutes before the starting calls names and walking the
stage. i missed a few names at the beginning, like
stephanie baka, but i was there mainly for joe and nick,
and i got to see them, so it's all good. i kinda went for
vanessa too, didn't see her after though. i went too see
some old kids too, like andrew davis, katie behringer,
annie ozburn, pat flanamananaghan, andy, chris, jess davis.
hehe, we kissed. she's going out with chris and has been
for like 2 years, so when they break up, im there. but
anyway, everyone was having a good time. (i was be all
immature like i was last year, but i had a great time. i
miss those times and those kids)
anyway, i had a crush on jess, and she had a crush on me
and she says to me earlier: "you send me and email and said
you'd kiss me." and she gives me this questioning look. im
says "now?" she's like "yeah." so i said "ok", and we
kissed. right in front of chris, who wasn't looking anyway.
then later, chris was over somewhere, me, dean, ken, jess,
her sister, and her friend evan we chilling. she kissed
evan behind these chairs...that didnt' effect me till now,
probably cause im thinkign about a 3 some...then she
says "i just kissed mike, i wanna do it again." so we
kissed again. her sister is pretty hot too, she said i was
hot. hehe, i dog all the young chicks. oh yeah, her and
stephanie are twins and only 15, so i guess im a pediphial,
i was gonna kiss steph, but she has a bf, not like that
stopped jess. oh yeah, i kissed chris too, then ken kissed
him, then dean tried to shove a pine cone up his ass. a
good time was had by all! not by chris htough, i don't
think. he didn't seem to care though. jess lifted up her
shirt, i saw her titties in her bra, she's got quite the
rack. oh yeah, the 3 some. i asked where samantha was, and
jess says "don't tell me you wanna fuck her to?" and of
course i do, but i was like "i was thinking more of like a
4 some" (with jess, sam and steph, but that'd just be weird
to have sisters there...and quite the turn on) so i was
talking to jess about it, and i says "you think im joking,
but im not" and she's like "im so serious" oh man, that'd
be sweet to lose my virginity to two other virgins at the
same fucking time. plus, jess is the plump brunette with
the big boobs and sam is the hot, petite blonde. oh man, i
couldn't choose. well, i guess ill see what happens when i
call her later, maybe we'll just have some casual sex. hehe.


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