the life of me
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2002-06-14 03:04:54 (UTC)

Letter to Jackson

hey, i wrote one to russ when i liked him... so here's

Dearest Jack-Pack:
hey dearest how are you? good? GOOD! lol. i'm bored. seems
like i'm always writing you letters when i'm bored. poor
guy. lol. hey, i had SO much fun with you at gradnight. it
was a blast eh? lol. well, i guess i'll tell you now.
i guess i just have to tell you one thing. i think i'm in
love with you. i told russy i'd tell you. i promised him i
wouldn't screw up like i did with him and not say what i
felt. so i'm telling you. i'm telling you how i feel. i
feel that you're incredible. i love you SO much. you're a
part of my life i so many ways and i can't think of a day
in the past two months when i haven't thought about you. i
think about you all the time. day, night... everytime in
between. guess our parents finally got to me eh? i just
wanted to tell you... i trust you with my heart. i'm not
afraid of you hurting me. i know you'd never do that one
purpose. i'll write you more later. i'm kinna in a hurry
right now. i love you. never EVER forget that. much love.
always you "sistah gurl",