2002-06-14 02:10:22 (UTC)

when theres you, i feel whole...

..and theres no better feeling in the world,
but without you, im alone, and id rather be in love with

ughhh... good job not thinking about him today huh... i
feel like im getting sick, my throat is kinda sore.. im at
work, its so boring.. it was busy all day and it went by
fast but now im bored.. i thought it would be my last day-
time day, but no my manager asked me to work tomorrow cus
they're having a busy day(press one campaign) so i wont
start working the late shift until saturday at midnight...
i think i'll like it... anyway... yeah.. ooh im so mad now
i just dont understand.. i shouldnt have gone... i should
have stayed away.. why do i bother when nothing ever
changes? he doesnt love me if he did he would be with me
and i obviously cant change that, now its just going to
suck because now im back in that "i need him" state of mind
from being in his presence and now hes not going to call me
anymore or see me or write me or anything and im going to
be miserable until i get back up a little bit and actually
im never going to be okay totally AAAAGGGHHH and i want to
leave here i need coffee, me and claudia are guna go to
dennys whenever i get out of here... tomorrow we're guna go
shopping before work.. i need to get my dad a fathers day
present... as i cant stop remembering, it could very well
be his last...AAGHHH... yay chaz just called.. i need
sleep... im soo tired lately.. i hope im not getting
sick... i'll write more later if anything exciting happens.