No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2002-06-14 01:19:38 (UTC)

a good day!!

i talked to dre online this morning:-)...he told me he
likes me...
on the way to work 2 Nirvana songs came on the radio:-)
cindy ordered a pizza today so i got to sit back there for
a lil while...i ate 2 pieces!! dustin was up there so i
talked to him for most of the time. he made me listen to
Slayer:-( of the songs was okay. and today was
thursday so i got to talk to UnderwearGuy. i think (hope
not!) im getting sick:-(. i felt really shitty. i had a
sore throat then i felt like i was gonna throw up (but i
couldnt). oh well.
i just took a shower:-) yay...cleanliness.
and never eat smacks then pull-n-peels right away...its
really gross.