the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-06-14 01:07:05 (UTC)

So Called Friends

THEY CAN TO PISS YOU OFF. THis entry will just be some
quotes to show my feelings rite now. I can't type the whole
thing out.

"One again I'm all wrapped up in me. My best friend's my
own worst enemy."

"Same as before some, so called friends who claim to have
known me then"

"Am I losin'? Won't you tell me how I've sinned? Why am I
losin one of my best friends? And I recall this friend of
mine I knew so well. It goes to show Lord you just can't
tell. But I'm not the one that's here to blame, its you my
friend that's really changed. Its a shame, such a shame; Am
I losin' once again?"

"You're caught in a vicious circle surrounded by your so
called friends"

"Wasting your time with your so called friends, the ones
you adore and the one's you pretend and it's kind of sad
and deranged. Guilty as charged I've been convicted and
tried, was it too much to ask for you to take my side?
Cause there's nothing here left to defend when it's always
me that you blame in the end"

"17 and cast out by her so called friends, call her a slut,
they call her a whore, never been with a guy before. A
jealous girl was searching for revenge. She sees them
stare, she sees them point as she walks by. Tries not to
care but its so damn hard when there is no one on your side"

"They've got control of him and he can't do a thing. His so-
called friends have even tried to brainwash him. There's
not much he can do. He's already sucked in."

"It's not the first time that I found all my friends just
put me down. They always seem when they're around to make
it a point to put me down... these so-called friends of

I can't stand it. So I got mad at her and I called her on
it. Then I realized I was wrong in my assumption, so I
apologized. And she started screaming at me, saying stuff
like she should've known I couldn't handle it.

Go to hell