still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2001-06-19 06:00:23 (UTC)

trying not to think

I have this sinking suspicion that Denis has another girl
in his life...whether it is his ex, someone new or a
figment of my imagination, I don't know...and I thought I
heard someone say he had a call from Wendy before he
left...This would also piece together the convo he had with
Graelin the other day saying "I'm going to be alone".Who
knows...TOO MANY SCENARIOS!!!I'm not gonna think about it
right now though...I had a pretty good day at work aside
from seeing Denis salivate over the new girl.I'm starting
to get the cofidence I need, in order to sell loans!!! I
hope it's not just temporary.Well I don't feel much like
writing again tonight...oh yeah.the guy I met at the
karaoke club last week called me tonight around 8..His name
is Steve and I thought he said "Stu" shannons brother in
law...we talked for a few mintes before he figured out I
thought he was someone else...I explained it was a friend
from Vegas but I felt like an idiot. So he asked what I was
doing tonight and I told him maybe we could do soemthing
later in the week.He said "Why not tonight...we can hang
out" kay that seems weak to me...He obviously just wants
some pussy. Probably won't hear from him again..No big loss
but it would be nice to have a Denis rebound man.