Don't touch me, I'm special
2001-06-19 05:53:56 (UTC)

i want a reason, but i can't find the rhyme...

Listening to 40 0z to Freedom. It's making me sad. It's
making me think of somebody I'm never gonna see again. It
doesn't matter, I guess. The only people I care about hate
me or go away. That's how it always is. And my tooth
hurts like fuck. Fucken capitalism sadism dentist bullshit
pisses me off.


Sorry. Had to get that out.

I'm bored. I have no life. I would get out more, but
there's nowhere to get out to when you live on a secluded
old white yuppie hill like I do. I would leave the
neighborhood, but that little fucker Kyle took his
skateboard back. Not like he ever uses it anyway. I swear
to God, the only time I've ever seen the little bastard use
it was when I wanted to and he just wanted an excuse not to
let me.

I'm bored. I'm bored. I'm bored. If there were any
parties to crash in this neighborhood, I would be crashing
them right now. I'm a great party crasher. The discreet
reject who nobody will notice. Sneak in without being seen
and FUCK EVERYTHING UP!!!!! Too bad all the people in my
neighborhood are over 90 and they never have parties......

I am thinking of taking up Yoga. I don't know if I told you
that, but I am. I have no hobbies. I used to blade, but
the buckle broke off my right skate, so, I am a fruit
booter no more :( I had lots of stupid hobbies in the
past; gymnastics, swim team, snare drum, painting, comic
book workshop, girl scouts, horse back riding, jazz dance,
figure skating, hiking (ick- my parents made me. hiking
sucks ass, dude), Tae Kwon Do..... and all of it I either
hated and quit or I was forced to quit because of school or
some other unforseen circumstance.

Uh oh.... there is a dead guy on TV. Oh wait, he's not
dead, just freezing to death. Oh well. Too bad. I don't
really care about people who get stuck on Mt. Everest.
It's their own fault, for being stupid enough to try to
climb some damn mountain that's covered in snow that's got
tons of crevasses and shit. Dumbfucks. Didn't their moms
ever tell them that you shouldn't touch the stove cuz it's
hot? I bet they were those kids that had to touch the
fucken stove before they understood. Yeah, well their
fucken hands are bout to burn off.

Uh..... I'm kinda.... stupid.

I don't get out much.

I watch TV a lot. I like Sublime. Sublime is nice. Not
too reggae, not too rock. Just sorta everything like a big
green puff of smoke. Yeah. A big, green puff of happy,
happy stylee smoke. La la la. I'm really stuuuuuuuupid.
Ha ha ha. La la la. Destroy the passerby. Ha ha ha.

I better leave before somebody gets hurt. We're just havin
too much fun over here. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! La la la. Yummy,
yummy, chewy, chewy, BLAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!