cheer jess-a glimpse into her mind..
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2001-06-19 05:49:31 (UTC)

..beginning.. 6/19/01

so yea I just started this diary..Just something I wanted
to do..actually I had the idea for it when I was all moody
and depressed the other day during that horrible period
mood swing thing..yickers..I think I wanted everyone to
know and be down with me..I'm a sweetheart, I know lol

So yea..tonite I'm at home,spent awhile online-that was my
big thing of the day..until! karen walks into my house at
like 8pm and kidnaps me into her car with Ally,poor
karen,entering my didn't even warn her!
friends lol..we go on to "kidnap" alex and proceed to
sayville and starbucks. My drink was quite yummy. Ally hit
on alot of young 13 year old, my eyes were on the
military men..JK..yea right..had fun on the way home
blasting tool and depeche mode as ally made scary faces at
me as I merely tried to teach her spanish, all about the
suicidal mickey mouse y sus companeros..dork

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