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2002-06-13 23:58:50 (UTC)

hello my Moon

im going to go play pool til 830 then come home, how long
do um, hockey? {jus kidding} games last? i hope that You
may get on for a moment at least later. i really want to
talk to You. i am sorry that i left aim on, i really hate
it when i do that. even if You do talk to me tonight {not
if} but still call me in the morning, i would Love to be
stirred by Your beautiful voice. if i do not get to talk to
You, i will be there at one, but i need to know where it
is, i think i remember but i must be sure. i will be home
by 845 and on here looking for You. thinking of You.
I Love You
are we rooting for the redwings or against? :}~
back soon my Beloved.

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