Diablos Journal
2002-06-13 23:34:41 (UTC)

2nd day of work!!

Thursday June 13, 2002

Haven't written in this in a while! Oops.. Oh well.. I am
officialy out of school now!! I wonder if I graduated??? Oh
well. Maybe yes or maybe no!!! Hmm.... No more ugly skiny
aneorexic Bitch Mrs. Scaffer, no more Fat Ass same clothes
wearing Mrs. Gershon, no more fat ass Mrs. Weiser to yell
at me and send me out into the hall for talking or "being
rude".. No more lunch.. I'm not very happy about that one!
As I will miss the school food over the summer. I'm going
to miss my Algebra class, with my funnest teacher Mrs.
Rogers. Yuck!! No more Mrs. Reed.. her and her fucking fat
ass need to go and lose some weight!! She says that it's
because of her having children. New's flash for you Mrs.
Reed you had a baby 2 years ago!!!! That was the most
hottest class of the day. No more Health.. that also upsets
me too. I'm going to miss Kristen, Krysten, Kimmy, Morgan,
Mr. Powell.. and that's it... Well not much happened
yesterday except that it was my first day of work, and they
weren't busy at all.... Not even during the lunch hours!!!
Then today we had my second day of work. It was a little
more busy then yesterday but not much. My computer's
internet was down yesterday so I couldn't write in this
yesterday. And right now I'm at my friend Susan's house
having a Star Wars marathon!!!!!!!!!!! With Susan, Darran,
Kyle, Liz, Jen- and her boyfriend... I can't remember his
name.. And cara is here.... And also her good friend
Sofia... Well I'm going to go now because we are going to
watch the rest of the movies.. see ya!!!