Nick's Journal
2002-06-13 23:21:40 (UTC)

who am i?

who am i?
i'm austrian.
i think i'm just too fucking smart for everyone yet try to
act modest in hopes that other people will say "wow, he's
smart but he doesnt' show it so he must be REALLY smart".
most of the time that doesn't work.
see i just did it.
i am finally getting a car.
my parents are afraid it will get stolen.
i'm afraid dave/adrian/rob/john will somehow manage to
drop a nachos grande in there within the first 2 seconds
of my ownership.
i have a beautiful girlfriend.
i have anxieties.
most of them i drown in alcohol/drugs.
my favorite escape is my girlfriend.
i like austria.
i love my work.
i work at a law firm and it took me 4 fucking weeks to
remember everyone's name.
if i meet you there is a 96% chance i will NOT remember your bland
there is a 99% chance that i really don't give a flying fuck that
you think you're smart (unless you think i am).
no matter what, i think i can kick your ass.
the truth is i'd probably shit myself before i ever fight anyone.
i have a black belt in karate.
it's kind of ironic.
i think.
i like all music unless you REALLY like it cos that fucking annoys
9/10 times i don't want to discuss politics,viewpoints,opinions or
whatever with you because it's not that i'm not interested in them
i'm just not interested in you.
i think i'm also too cool for 9/10 people.
i have a group of friends.
i'm told groups are bad.
i like groups.
i like people and i am saddened when i read about their plights.
brushing my teeth and washing myself are things i do more than
people give me credit.
i dont' have much b.o. (or so i'm told).
guines pigs and rabbits cutting their own hair take up more of my
imagination than fantasizing about sex.
it's true.
maybe i'm stupid.
when i fantasize i make up stupid things like how i save people's
lives and that i'm spiderman.
i respect guys in suits that read comic books.
i sit down on the escalator for no other reason than the fact that i
am lazy.
i hold the door for people and am nice to everyone yet i complain
about everyone.
i try to make the world a better place.
i fuck it up horribly most of the time and relapse into anxieties.
my life is anything but bad, in fact it's great.
i am addicted to aim and make fun of others that are.
i have a fucked up sense of what should go on a sub.
i joke viciously about anybody different than me but sincerely don't
mean it.
i am outraged when others do mean what they say, because they think
it's safe to let it out to me after one of my jokes.
i guess i'm a hypocrite.
i am a hypocrite.
i say stuff that would probably make you feel so damn embarrassed,
but i just kind of am too socially retarded to grasp how dumb what i
say is.
i act very childishly and immaturely most, if not all the time.
i wish i had all those times back.
well.........almost all those times, some of them were just fucking
some people deserve to get their asses kicked, and i usually
fantasize that i'm the one kicking those asses.
even though i publicly denounce stupid shit like remote controlled
bowling balls i am secretly intrigued.
i smile at you mostly because i don't want you to think i don't know
what i'm takling about.
i don't talk much one on one.
i still like you though.
i talk even less in groups.
i REALLY respect people who can just shut the fuck up once in a
i think a lot like you and you are a lot like me.
guinea pigs are funny.
so are midgets.
haha midget guinea pigs.