Life Sucks
2002-06-13 23:09:06 (UTC)


my loneliness had faded, since you and i came together. i
just cant help loving you, id give anything to hear you say
that you'll stay. You complete me, make me whole. When im
without you I dont wanna live another minute, but when we're
together I wanna live forever. You hurt me in the past, but
that is all forgotten. My love for you consumes me, body and
soul. I never thought this would last, but I was wrong. You
are my weakness. I dont want anyone but you. Your the one I
want forever. I never would have thought we would get this
far, but now I dont know how I could have doubted it. I feel
closer to you than anyone else. I apologize for everything
i've done wrong. I apologize for starting fights. Im sorry
for everything. I cant stand to be away from you. I have
never been so much in love before. Loving you made me
something new. Somebody I never dreamed I could be. I feel
like a better person. I need you in my life. I will never
love another the way I love you. We belong together. I'd
give up everything just to be with you forever. Now, I know
your not going to want me forever, and you'll probably find
someone else, But I want you to know that no matter what I
will always love you.