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2002-06-13 22:35:33 (UTC)

A mind-blowing victory

Muscular Pains – Herniated Disc!!!!
After SO many years of pain, tightness, discomfort, energy
drain, confusion, embarrassment, distraction…. These bodily
pains that at once time even had me in bed crying for hours
at night out of agony, WAS an easily diagnosable and
treatable problem, if only I had seen a competent doctor.
Over 12 doctors, specialist, and wackos. And the salvage
comes from...a contact from a friend (who is also my 1st
love and girlfriend). Friends matter. I need more of
them. One girlfriend is enough though.

15 years of discomfort. 5 years of agony. 3 years of pure
Hell on Earth. A derailed career. Missed opportunities.
And a nice sized chunk of my life raped from me.

OK, so it might not all be because of this Herniated Disc,
but I have a feeling that is the cause, brought on by my
car accident. I will find out on June 26, when I get that
epideral steroid shot.