2002-06-13 22:29:36 (UTC)

Another Record Breaker

The high temperature's going to be well into the 90s today
but the weather people on the radio are predicting
thunderstorms for tonight and tomorrow morning so that must
mean it will begin to cool down a bit.

John worked graveyard shift last night and begins his
vacation today. He'll be off until June 25th. Tomorrow
we're going to Corvallis to run errands, pick up Owen who
will be taking his last final exam this evening, and go to
the library.

I was told that the library website wouldn't allow people to
place holds on books until Friday but I tried last night and
lo and behold! I was able to place holds! And so I did!
For twenty-four books! The limit is 25 so I saved one just
in case I came across another book before tomorrow. Because
all holds were cancelled when they changed websites and only
a few people have placed holds so far, I was first in line
for many of the books I wanted.

There's Robert B. Parker's Widow's Walk, Cloth and Comfort
(a quilt book), Everything's Eventual by Stephen King (for
Hugh), Gallow's Thief by Bernard Cornwell (for John), The
Salmon of Doubt; Hitchhiking the Galaxy One Last Time by
Douglas Adams (for Owen) plus several other quilt books and
mysteries. I'm seventh on the waiting list for Wailing Wind
by Tony Hillerman, sixth on the list for Michael Connelly's
City of Bones, third on the list for North of Nowhere by
Steve Hamilton and first on the list for Atonement by Ian
McEwen and Loren D. Estelman's Something Borrowed, Something
Black. So it looks like good reading ahead in the next few

I have also made a list of books I want which aren't yet
published including the new Tom Clancy, James Patterson's
The Beach House, Diamond Dust by Peter Lovesey and Janet
Evanovich's Hard Eight. I have lists of books that will be
published through the rest of the year (Owen Parry's Honor's
Kingdom in July, Kate Sedley's Saint John's Fern and Judith
Jance's Partner in Crime in August, and A Fearsome Doubt by
Charles Todd and Q is for Quarry by Sue Grafton in October.)
I have a lot of catching up to do!

I also received several packages in the mail today. There
was a package of jumpers and a summer nightgown, one with
two quilt books (Blackbird Design's Higdon Camp, 1928 and
Jill Kemp's Glorious American Folk Art) and another with Red
Wagon's Homefront and Cheri Saffiote's My Folk Art Best.
I've added another half dozen quilts to my *must make* list.

We're also awaiting two more packages. One has computer
parts for Gavin and the other has an antique piece of veneer
which has a quilt pattern on it which John will use on the
quilt rack he's making for me. He told me it would be great
if I made a quilt to match it (wouldn't that be fun!) but
alas, it was too long ago and I can't remember which pattern
I picked. I don't even know where the website is so I can
look it up! I guess I'll just have to wait for it to show