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2002-06-13 21:47:54 (UTC)


I'm gonna take this time now and remember the things that
have happened since last fall. How me and her went from
friends to lovers and back to friends again. I remember
the first day she came back last fall. She was talking
with Marie. Funny how I remember that. Guess it was a
premonition of things to come. Seems like it started out
kind of like the other years. We talked a little bit, but
we were just job acquaintences. We worked together, helped
each other out, then went our separate ways. Everyday she
would ask me to bring her some pallets. I didn't mind, but
I had other things going on. We always sat at the same
table but were a few chairs a part with someone in
between. So thats how it went. We worked together, we
went home. I think it may have started with unloading the
UPS truck. We would get to work side by side, handing each
other boxes as we yakked it up. We got to know the drivers
and we had some laughs together. Then we started talking
about the music we liked. Some we agreed, some we didn't.
By this time, I was calling her those names like feisty and
possesive. She stuck her tongue out at me, but I think she
liked it just the same. I remember one break time, Nick
kept asking her if she would go out with him. She played
along but said she was getting tired of it. After break, I
followed her back to the outs table and asked if it really
bothered her. It sort of did and I remember saying that I
would make him stop if she wanted me too. Things like
that, thats what brought us closer together. One of the
funniest things I remember is when I showed her that bat
and she kind of screamed. When I walked quite aways from
her, one of the other employees said they could hear her
from across the warehouse. She has such a great laugh, its
so infectious. Around Halloween, her and Jessie talked
about some of us going to haunted houses together. I was
up for it, but when the time came, we all couldn't get
together to go. Then, that one weekend, she invited me and
Nick to meet her and him at a bar they were going to. Nick
and I went out there, but didn't see her. I remember that
place was so crowded, I wonder if I missed her. Talking to
her at work though, she said they jumped bars. By this
time, I was wanting to spend more time with her. It was
friendly, but somehting was going on there just the same.
Four of us started going out for breakfast some mornings.
We always had a great time together. I always ate too
much. I kind of thought she liked Nick more as a friend
than me. That was something I wanted to change.
Thanksgiving came around and she was going out of town for
the holiday. She took a few days off of work and I was
missing her in those days. Time goes by so fast. The X-
mas season was ending and that meant things were gonna
start winding down. I remember I skipped a day of work.
The next day, she came up and hugged me and said she missed
my help. We were getting along pretty good then. I was
singing to her. She said I looked like the lead singer for
the Calling. I told her she looked like Annabelle Gurwich
from dinner and a movie. She asked, as a joke maybe, I'm
not sure, what I was gonna give her for X-mas. Little did
she know that I already thought about giving her a gift. I
never told her this, but if I could've only given her a
gift I would've, but I decided to give Nick and Carolyn one
also. She took my card and went to the store and picked up
a few things for the X-mas party. When she got back, she
was shocked. She said that she almost lost control of her
car coz she loved what I said. She didn't hug me then, but
at the end of the day she did. She asked first, I don't
know why. When we all got back from X-mas break, New Years
was only a few days away. She asked me, Nick, Carolyn and
Jessie what we were going to do. As it turned out, I was
the only one who went with her. And thats where I'm going
to stop for the day. This will be continued tomorrow. Coz
after New Years, there was no stopping us.

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