2001-06-19 05:05:53 (UTC)

My Weekend

Dear Diary,
Well this is my first diary entry. I usually write it down
on paper and well since I am online I thought what the
hell, I might as well write it here while I am sitting
here. Well anyaways. I decided to open my entries to the
public because I thought maybe some people could help me w/
some of my problems. Who knows?!

Something very exciting happened to be last friday night.
Normally I am a very quite girl. On Friday I was the total
opposite. One of my best friends and I were really bored
that night. We live in a very small town w/ not much to do.
So we drove around town acting all crazy in the car,
dancing, singing, being complete dumb ass'. It was fun
though. Everytime someone was walking down the street or
something, she would honk and I would wave. It was fun.
Well then we headed up to main st. We saw one of our other
friends drive by so we decided to follow her and find out
where she is going. She ended up going to George House, a
local coffee house where a lot of high school and college
kids hang out at. On our way there, there were people
walking by, so we honked and waved. They were hot guys, so
who couldn't risist not to wave. I thought what the hell i
am never going to see them again. It was about 10:30 at
night and we were standing outside of George House just
talking and all of a sudden we hear these guys call to us
from across the street. So us 3 girls go across the street
and start talking to them. They were really nice, but they
had to get going, the had to be in their dorm room soon and
they told us to stop by if we wanted but had to be there by
11:00. I was so outgoing that night. I don't know what was
into me. Well the 3 girls went back to my house to freshen
up to look our best. These guys were juniors in high school
and they were there for a basketball camp. On our way to my
house we saw more hot guys walking down main st. We knew
they didn't live here cause no one walks down main st
around 11. So I waved to them, then on our way back we saw
them again and I waved. So we ended up going to these guys
room. They didn't think we were going to come. We stayed
for a little bit, then we left and went outside. OMG, i
have never seen so many horny guys in my life. All the guys
were yelling out their windows at us. It was funny. We were
such a tease. So later on we went back up to their room and
talked and did nothing but that. There were a bunch a guys
in the room. It was a lot of fun. It was weird cause not
once did i feel scared and yet the other girls did kinda
cause you never know what a bunch of guys could do to us.
But we were fine. Finally we left. Well the next day, Sara
and I went back and gave them our email address. So who
knows what will happen. The out going girl, the wild girl came out of
me this weekend and I liked it. I want to continue to be more like
this cause it makes life more interesting. Although I didn't do
anything w/ those guys, i might of if one of my friends wasn't there.
It would of been fun. I guess I just need to take is slow. That was
my big weekend story.

Anyways. I am so happy school is out. I am FINALLY a
senior. I am a senior w/ no boyfriend. Even though i want a
bf, i know i don't really need one. I will explain later
about my guy situtation, but right now I am getting tired
and I am going to bed. cya