the ups and downs of my life
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2002-06-13 21:12:11 (UTC)

just a quick entry

well, i was in so much pain today...cramps. i get them
really bad. they hurt so much that i was crying. it is
horrible. i never cry.

i got my report card....98 avg. its good. well i also
got my scheddule. i have english first period. uck. and
right after luncy i have biology. thats horrible i mean
who want s to cute open stuff right after lunch!! yuck.
and then i go from gym(one end of the buiding) to spanish
(the other end) back to chorus(the other side again. how
fun. another thing is we only have gym have a year. so
the other half i have a studyhall. i have gym the second
half(id rather have it th first) and i have studyhall the
first (id rather have it the second) My last year
schedule was great. this yr is horrible. nothing is in
the right place.

all well