nobody cares
2002-06-13 20:48:08 (UTC)

so ya life sucks even worse..

so ya life sucks even worse even day but for the first time
in over a week i got out of the house and i went to my
friends house"the one i talked about before" anyways she
wants to go se a movie with her b/f and im over sleeping at
her house and of course like everytime that i get together
with her im gonna be a tag along wich really sucks and
theres nobody that they can find for me which really sucks

ya my dad tghreatened me with a huge thing to me and i
think any teenage would hate, because i wanted to go to my
friends house during a school week "exam" by the way he
said it was the last draw and that if i dont pass all my
exams will high high marks that ill be grounded until i
graduate... the thing is im not that well in my marks as it
is and i try my hardest hardest in everything i do but just
because he hasnt seen me study at all this week, which by
the way i do and i try my hardest, that if i fail just one
or even get a low mark im gonna be in sooo much trouble it
sucks and the thing that sucks the most is i know the exam
i have tommorow is going to be the easiest of all of them
and i already did all the other very very hard ones which
im really afraid to go pick up my report card next week
but if i dont do "good enough" for them and im not talking
about 60's or 70's im talking about 90 to 100 he exspects
that and he knows the most i can get it a 70 but becausre
my brother is such a genius that im suppost to be one as
well... im not even allowed to be whatever i want to be
when i grow up i have to be what he wants me to be ... a
doctor or a lawyer and if i choose not to i have to marry
one and its like well he's not a doctor or a lawyer and the
same goes for my mother and there getting along ok so i
dont know why he has to raise the standards so high for me
and my brother is allowed to be whatever he wants to...its
not fair like everything else in life
my brother is like the prince of the family he's a great
student but also not nerdy and gets like 100 everytime ...
he's always in drama and when i try to join drama they say
oh its too much hassel because i dont go to the same school
and next year he's coming to my school and he said he
doesnt want me to be in drama with him and my parents give
in and say that oh just let him have that when he's also
good at sports where i really suck at but they dont
care ... wut am i tlaking about tho because they never care
nobody ever cares what I WANT TO BE just what suits them
the right way so im always left out in the cold and theres
nothing that i can do right
i dont have the looks
not even the books
i dont have any talents
and i cant do anything right
people dont care what
i want in life

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