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2002-06-13 20:03:00 (UTC)

new school

Ive decided to go to a new school. I'm gonna go to Slygo
Middle school and i'm really exited bout it. i saw Garrett
again and we went to a movie, and eh wants to go to third
base but i still dont kno if i'm ready. god i love him so
much and i get so scared that one day he is goin to leav
me. he told me he wouldent though but i think a lot of guys
say htat. I'm so scared though because i never see him. omg
i wish he lived close to me so then i could see him more. i
mean i dont think anyone could understand how close we are,
even though i'm only 13 i jus have this bond with him. it
was so cute when his mom was driving me home i was sooo
tired and i slept on hisshoulder the whole time. i love the
way he feels. i love his skin i love evorything bout him.
anyway about my new school, i'm so glad i'm switching right
now my mom is sooooooooooo mad at me. i'm scared. damnit i
really dislike her.

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