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Matt's Whining and Bullshit
2001-01-03 00:47:34 (UTC)

I HATE PEOPLE. Today was one of..


Today was one of the shittiest days I've had in a long
time.... what a way to start off a new millenium!

If it was legal to make a hitlist believe me half of the
world would be on it. This isn't a hitlist but heres a
list of the people I hate most...

1) Ashley Rollo
2) Ashley Rollo
3) Ashley Rollo
4) Ashley Rollo
5) Ashley Rollo

That's just the first five.. the list DOES go one. Ashley
will die... some day... She pisses me off more than anyone
in the world she slapped me today for no reason right in
the face and it hurt... but then she proceded to tell
everyone I cryed when she slapped me?! Thats a load of
bullshit... it hurt... but only a little and I definately
didn't fucking cry. I owe her... maybe... a hair cut? I
sit behind her in spanish, I'll trim her hair a bit and
then shove it down the back of her shirt... she'll never
expect that... then I'll fucking bash her head with her
locker door REPEATEDLY while EVERYONE stands and laughs at
her.. no one likes her... she lies and shit all the time...
and she tells everyone @ the Boro that every guy wants
her... thats a load of horse shit every guy wants to kill
her... Theres even a club called the "We All Hate Ashley
Society" I, or course, am a member.

Well now I'm gonna go back to my normal life... I'll keep
you posted on ashley's new hair style as soon as i get the
job done.