Oh Captain
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2002-06-13 18:12:35 (UTC)

Excuses, excuses...

Okay, so Cooper and I realized that we didn't know
exactly where this story's going. That's okay. We just
decided we wanted to know. We're still putting some
finishing touches on the next two chapters, though;
seven will be up soon, and eight is already completed.
The reason this is taking so long is that for a while
we've just been sitting around and discussing all the
ways that this could go down. We've been asking
people for input, handing them hard copies and talking
to them face to face mostly, but if you'd like to throw your
two cents at us, feel free to drop either of us the
proverbial line. We only bite if you ask nicely.

So we've been holding these discussions, talking
about possible directions and desirable directions and
seeing where the two categories intersect, in a kind of
Venn diagram of a conversation, if you will. You
remember those things, like you've got two circles, and
the one on the left is "things that grow" and the other on
the right is "things that don't move on their own," and on
the left you have all manner of animals, and the right is
things like printers and ink cartridges and t-shirts, and
in the middle you've got plants. It was kinda like that,
except not at all. That analogy was fucking retarded.
But that's beside the point, mostly because I don't even
remember what the point was supposed to be in the
first place. I'm sure you can figure it out by reading this
over again a couple of times. My keyboard's giving me
shit, I'll think something and it will refuse to let me spell
it correctly any of the first six times, so I'm just gonna
leave. Catch you all later!