All Day I Dream Of Rashawty

Hanging By A Moment With You
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2001-06-19 04:09:41 (UTC)

My First Entry

Hey Whats up? My name Is Jennifer and I'm starting a new
diary..I have another diary on another website, But i
decided to start a new one so I could talk about the one
man that i love with all my heart. He also has a diary on
the same website that I do, but i wanted to come here and
type so that way he wont read anything that i write.

I'm my other diary I have almost 300 entries So i will be
writing alot, but this wont be about my everyday life, like
i said it will be about rash.

Why? Because I dont think that he truly understands how
much I care about him. One day when I get the courage I'm
going to show him this diary, and hope that he understands
my love for him..

Oh yea by the way I've yet to meet him hes some guy that i
met off the internet. But i love him so much, Love is funny
like that..