Comfortably Numb

It's Just Me...
2002-06-13 17:47:46 (UTC)

June 13, 2002 and memories

Hey, well it's been awhile since I've written...As of
last Thursday I've been going out with Chuck Staunton. The
Tuesday before that I fucked my ex-boyfriend Roger Hanson
in the woods. Uh, and I fucked Vinnie 2 or 3 times too. Ok,
a few things that have happened. This one night a few weeks
ago me, Jackie, and Theresa went to spend the night at
LoRen Weber's house. That's when I met Chuck, Dave from
Mystic Island, and Courtney Gawron. After they left, Vinnie
Anapete and Corey King showed up. Me and LoRen cmoked crack
w. them (my first time). So when about 2 a.m. came around,
Corey and Vinnie left. So did the 3 of us and we still
don't know why. We were sitting outside the post office
trying to figure out what we were gonna do when this EMS
drove by and reported us in as runaways. I had all this
shit on me. We decided to take the bus which was gonna come
in about 15 mins. For about 5 mins we were watchin these
cop cars driving around lookin for us. At 3 (10 mins before
the bus) 2 of them saw us and pulled up. Theresa gave them
her name, spellin it out all slow. I looked up and saw the
us coming early and Jackie started running down the street
after it with Theresa running after her. I started to pick
up my shit and looked at the copa and just said, yeh, sry,
but we have to get on this bus. He fucking started
following me saying he needed my information and shit. So i
gave it to him really fast and he didn't get to write it
down and then we rode the bus to waretown. Then we sat in
the cemetery on Lockwood for 3 hours till we could go back
to Jackie's.
The next weekend Danielle and I went to LoRen's. This
time Vinnie and Jim Blasko called. They picked us up at 1
and we went to Seaside. We walked around the boardwalk and
we saw this guy who we knew from Debi's party. But anyway
we ended up goin to Jim's brother's apartment which was
above the My Friend's Tavern in Barnegat. I fucked Vinnie
there and as it turns out Jim and Danielle went for a ride
to Wawa in Vinnie's car.
Another night there was a party at Debi's. We were all
drunk as fuck. Danielle got sick and passed out on the
porch. It was actually Corey King who picked her up and put
her into a chair. I ended up smokin with Jay, Jodi, Dan,
and Vinnie. Also ended up fuckin Vinnie in Debi's mom's
Bronco. That night I also met Erik Furmanek and talked to
Tommy Cavinaugh. There's gonna be another party at Debi's
tomorrow night. Crystal and Danielle are probly both going
because Danielle always does and Crystal has no place to
stay. Which is probly why she's sleepin on my bed right now.
Last Friday I went to the prom with LoRen. It really
sucked, but the little party afterwards at her house was
fun. LoRen was coughing really bad so Aubree Milligan, this
liile quiet girl, hands her the bottle of vodka. It was
funny as hell. So that Saturday night I was there again,
but ended up leaving with Dean, Chuck, Courtney, and B. We
dropped off Dean and went to B's sister Allison's house.
Well we chilled there for awhile, then me and Chuck walked
back to his house where we had to break in. We fucked that
night for about 2 1/2 hours and in the morning his stepdad
started flipping out and was like your friend has to go
now. So I did and that concluded another weekend with no
Honestly I think I'm doing a lot better. I haven't been
doin dope that much at all. I'm chain smoking pretty bad,
but not that much worse than I have been before. I'm
determined not to cheat on Chuck and so Jackie has deemed
her self my "guardian" or warden some thing like that. Well
I think I'm gonna try to wake up Crystal and go to Shane's
house or somthing. Bye...

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