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2002-06-13 16:41:47 (UTC)

June 13 *** Year 1

Okay so I am a little nit-pickety. But come on! This eye
doctor was the worst that I've ever had! We get there
first, no big deal. So one person walks in and goes ahead
of us. Maybe he was late. Okay. Now this family walks in.
They are real loud and annoying. I can deal with that. Now
the doctor comes out. He calls in the little boy, even
though we were first. My mom says so, but he ignores
us.That is just in the waiting room! When he finally calls
us in (thirty-three minutes after our appointment was
scheduled) he is really crabby.We get to the part where he
examines my eyes. He tells me he is going to put these
drops in my eyes to help him see the surface of my eye
better. No eye doctor has done that before, but oh well.
Then he takes this SUPER BRIGHT light to examine my eyes.
It hurts and I pull back. He tells me to keep my forehead
forward. Then he uses this one that reminds me of neon and
is blue. It gets so close to my eye that I pull back
again. "Keep your chin on the pad!" he barks. As I get
into the car I feel this crusty sticky stuff around my
eyes. I pull down the mirror in the car. Around my eyes is
a ring of yellow! He didn't even warn me that I might have
to wash my eyes. What a creep! Gosh!

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