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2001-06-19 04:02:28 (UTC)

go away

you cant fool me
i know you dont care and i know you having fun and i know
you dont care about me and i know i fucked up adn i hatre
you afor a=hating me and i haate you for not elling me what
was really going on oin your head. if only you had told me
what was going on then we could have talked about it i
would have understood more and not been such a bitch i
would have understood then then thatyou didnt want to touch
me having areason mades it so much more easier to accept
and i know im fat and ugly and that you dont want to have
anything else to do with me so i can not contact you no
matter what you write in your diary ihate the fact that i
can still check it but then there are those ones that you
you mark private that i dont know about sooo i dont want
to know anything aobut you yet i check and see anll the
time i have tried to replace youu even tried to look int eh
same spot and nothing campares to you do you know she cant
llok at me when we talk about you she liked you i wouldnt
be surprised if she loved you i hope you didnt truely mean
anythiong and that you realize that this was so stupid and
that it was not my fault and that i didnt want to have
anything to do with it afteri found out what i wanted. i
was done but she was having fun she liked it she loved the
attion she has changed and i will never trust her i guess i
have to keep her away form the things i love and that she
has not changed since high school what did i expect stop
trying to make other people fix my problems and what
problems do i have cant i get over them what is so bad i
need to dig deep and face up and found it.

i need an object to crave. i have found it and i cant have
it. i have to go here he is. :) smiles