Nicky's World
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2002-06-13 16:28:51 (UTC)

sleeping = danger

alisfgascbvhsdgbaruhb!!! i got attaced this morning by my
brother, brittani, and andy. while i was asleep. so now i'm
up cause i'm afraid if i go back to sleep they will put
shaving cream on me or somthing. it's crazy!

well brittani spent the night with me last night. and andy
spend the night with my brother.

we took briana home last night. she has pretty puppys and
little kitties. they are cute.

we went to andy house last night to take andy to get some
clothes. and i got to talk to amanda and alison for a
little while. they really are sweet.

last night at church bubba was talking about how everything
we do should reflact God. our jobs and everything. it was
great. i really agree with it.

i have to work today, and brittani is coming with me. it
should be fun.

i think i have got to have the best job in the world. it
doesn't pay that much but it is so much fun. i would do it
for free.

well i have to go to cumming this weekand. my brother has
an all-stars baseball tournament up there so i guess i have
to go. it should be fun though.

i'm suppose to get baptised this sunday, but bradon's dad
said the preacher was in the hospital so i don't know if
i'll get to or not. i hope he get's better.

i'm out.

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