Just another Nothing
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2001-06-19 03:47:27 (UTC)



On memory I cannot define, one word,
one whisper of your Affliction.
Your hapless words, mumbled lightly on the bathroom floor.
Tear stained cheeks, unable to explain the cries behind
that deep lulling voice.

What tastes exist in the memories of the forgotten.
Like its trembling hands, that bows beneath the breath of
This is my reverie…my only place in which I can mourn.
How can I remove the moon from the lamplight porch?

The restless coils of cigarette smoke,
Trailing away from strong, loving fingers.
Crouched against the corner
Left to blend into the trampled sky…like me.

The soft draw lines of a mouth, half turned upwards into a
smile, Half-turned downwards in guilt…
On which heart do you carry the midnight of my soul.
Merciful lord,
The one I never thought I believed it…
Remember the peace, remember the moment for him.

Recover my heart, on the sullen nights, where my
Senselessness gave away my identity.
And take away the boxes of sadness, that I packed so
That clutter the hall--
That cry for the deaths of sweet innocent memories.

One step to look back to an empty street corner,
An end to my secret misery…
Ask my precious ghost
How can I remove you from my soul,

...when you left my side silently in the night?