My Diary
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2002-06-13 15:32:29 (UTC)

Another day...

Today was my Biology exam. After everything in the past few
days, I didn't think I would do well at all. But the exam
was pretty easy. I did well and I think I'll get an A on
it. During break we saw Jr. Mr. Bahri (if u know what i
mean...)..Noor started falling for him again. Ankita pulled
me away. She and Shalini adviced me to stay away from all
guys because they said it'll hurt me even more. After
school, I tried to sleep for a little while. I think I
could sleep for about 15 minutes before nightmares of the
past few days came back to me again...
Hmm anyway, I'm trying my best to stop thinking about it
for just now. Now that its almost summer, there's so much I
had planned to do...with him too...Everything from my mind
just seems to have got erased. Today, Rohina asked me to
pick three things that I would want the most in the world.
The one thing I kept repeating was that I want my love
back...I know it seems really wierd but thats all I want. I
don't want to lose someone special because of someone
else's stupidity! Hmm *calm down anandi*...well I should
get going now. Will write later...

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