a little piece of me
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2002-06-13 15:25:58 (UTC)

damn it...

well, i'm at my wits end here. i've been steadily
searching for a job for a few weeks now, with no luck. i
really could kick my own ass for fucking everything up. i
shouldn't have procrastinated so much. you know what they
say...hind sight is 20/20.

anyway, things have been going great with turtle and i. i
had been getting bitched out and lectured by my granny and
dad (respectively) all day, and wasn't doing so well...i
started crying, and turtle just held me and rocked me until
i was ok. he's so sweet. he can make me feel better
without saying a single word. we had a lot of fun
yesterday. we bought some chalk and drew all over my
grannys sidewalk. she got mad about that, but we had fun
never the less. we drew a brick wall, then did graffiti
all over it. it turned out pretty cool. he's so fun...i
feel like i can be exactly who i am with him without
feeling guilty or stupid. plus it's great, him being an
artist and all...we can do silly stuff like that and have a

well, i guess that's about all. hope things are well with
everyone. heather, i miss you. hope to hear from you
soon. take care everyone.