The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2002-06-13 15:19:39 (UTC)

Tired like a bee?!...

thats me i am tired, but i am not....hmm interesting..well
there are two more Offical days of school..and then we have
tha tll loving and fun REGENTS!! yahhh???...*ahh* well i
dont know what else there really is to write..i mean i
write in this diary tihng everyday in BaBca..and i dont
know what i am going to go over the summer..or next
year..hmm and yet another interesting question...did you
know that if you were to read my diary entires they are
basically about absolutly N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!!!!! lol..oh well
so i am going to..