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2001-06-19 03:41:35 (UTC)

19/06/01 - 1:23PM

Fuck it all... I am in the filthiest mood. I just had a
phone call from the police. I may be charged with careless
driving as a result of the car accident I had on Sunday.
Ooohhh she was not injured... she was fine!!! She ws
walking around... if she was injured it certainly didn't
affect her bad nature. Like I need more shit in my life. Do
I sound selfish? I don't give a shit!!!!! I am now $700
down for the excess on my boyfriends car insurance... and
without a car for a couple of weeks and arrrrrgggggghhhhhh!
I always knew the week leading up to your birthday sucked,
but this one has far surpassed even my terrible

First the battery on my car dies. Jump starts, pushing all
the shit. Second the cat runs away (okay, he came back, but
he still worried me for 2 days). 3rd I got lost on my way
to a TV show taping, I really wanted to go to and missed
most of it. Fourth I spent the whole weekend fighting with
the bf, after finally owning up to just not being able to
stand sleeping with him anymore... nothing personal mind
you. 4th car accident. 5th Police... I know I am not a good
person, but I am not that bad to have worked up all this
cosmic bad karma am I? Probably... I AM NOT VERY NICE
SOMETIMES... *sigh* maybe I should reinvent myself for the
thousandth time?? If I am not happy as I am...

On the up side. I saw my great auntie on Sunday and she was
lucid enough to know who we all are and to really
appreciate our visit. Much as I hate seeing her like that,
I like to visit her. She was even able to joke about her
blindness, parting with, well it was nice to see you all,
well not SEE but you know what I mean and a big smile.

Mum also broached the subject of maybe giving my brother
and I the deposit for a house, which she will keep a share
in as a way of investing her small savings. It might solve
a few of my problems if it is viable. I don't know. I still
feel terrible about hurting people, especially my
boyfriend, after he is trying to hard to make things work.
Arrgh no not getting back on that topic again.

Well it is my birthday on Saturday. As usual.. my friends
are all busy, not able to make it for the 2nd year in a
row. *sigh* I drive 2 hours each way to be at other people
birthdas for them, but no one gives a shit when it comes to
mine. Well I am used to it I guess... The people who count
will be there *hugs to all those who will be* I don't want
presents, I just want to see my friends all in one place.
Have some fun like we all used to.

Death to the football which steals everyone away for the
night!!!!! Death death death death death...

Well on that night I shall fare thee well...


Take me there take me with you
I can't be alone tonight
I can't be alone tonight
I can't trust myself tonight
I can't trust myself tonight

Baby please don't trust me tonight
No please don't trust me tonight

Ain't nothing working
Ain't nothing right
There's a whole in me that I can't fill
No matter how hard I try
Ain't nothing sweeter there ain't nothing wrong
All the pain that I receive keeps me strong
It keeps me moving on

I just want your company
I want you to comfort me just come with me
I just want your company
I want you to comfort me just come with me
I just want your company
I want you to comfort me just come with me

Comfort me Just come with me
Comfort me Just come with me

hed (PE) - Bartender